Following a successful set-up and integration day, the UAV is ready to commence with practice runs!
The agenda for today was to get to know the teams, set up the arena, download the solutions, set up connections, compile and build the packages that bring the UAV to the appropriate readiness level.
The focal point of the day was the Integration and Safety Workshop, organized by the VIRTUALUAV project. The workshop was lead by Antun Ivanovic, who introduced teams to the competition and brought them up to speed with the terms of deployment of their solutions on the UAVs. Teams were also introduced to the safety procedures regarding behavior in and around the competition arena. Through a dedicated lecture, Antun explained the role of the Virtual Safety Layer that is deployed in the arena, where teams were able to get to know the algorithms and procedures that are used in the safety layer that prevents crashes in the arena, the safety pilot and the procedures of pilot takeover.