From competition to U-space certification and implementation – a story about “what if…?”


Pawel Korzec
Droneradar Sp. z. o. o.
Warszawa, Poland



It will not be an exaggeration to say that the prototype is not more than 10% of overall success. Usually, tedious and boring work begins after the trial phase. As a rule, this stage breaks companies apart, screaming for bigger budgets, bigger teams and the right regulations. The reality is absolutely ruthless. It is unforgiving and in fact very different from the assumptions we usually make during the R&D phase. Tests on real users reveal the weakest elements of the project. Often, we ask ourselves: “But how?”, “Why now?”, “A normal user wouldn’t do that…”, or we simply get stuck in a loop of “what if” questions.

During this keynote, we will talk about the process of growing a prototype into a certified system.


Biography of the speaker

Pawel Korzec is the co-founder and CEO of Droneradar Sp. z. o. o. He is a co-author of the PansaUTM system approved for operational use in Poland, integrated with civil and military ATC. He is also a co-author of the CARS concept in the ICARUS project. Currently, Pawel deals with the issues of standardization of data models and interfaces as part of distributed integration, in accordance with Regulation 664. Co-author of the GREy project, promoting Data Driven SORA principle. Pawel is a member of JARUS SCB and was consulting 664 AMC/GM Article 10.