Vision-based robotic perception: are we there yet?

Dr. Margarita Chli
Vision for Robotics Lab 
ETH Zurich & University of Cyprus


As vision plays a key role in how we interpret a situation, developing vision-based perception for robots promises to be a big step towards robotic navigation and intelligence, with a tremendous impact on automating robot navigation. This talk will discuss our recent progress in this area at the Vision for Robotics Lab of ETH Zurich and the University of Cyprus (, and some of the biggest challenges we are faced with.

Biography of the speaker
Margarita Chli is a Professor in Robotic Vision and director of the Vision for Robotics Lab, at the University of Cyprus and ETH Zurich. Her work has contributed to the first vision-based autonomous flight of a small helicopter and the demonstration of collaborative robotic perception for a small swarm of drones. Margarita has given invited keynotes at the World Economic Forum in Davos, TEDx, and ICRA, while she was featured in Robohub’s 2016 list of “25 women in Robotics you need to know about”. In 2023, she won the ERC Consolidator Grant, one of the most prestigious grants in Europe for blue-sky research, to grow her team at the University of Cyprus to research advanced robotic perception.